Orlando Magic Team Preview

Still a ways to go Magic fans.

Last Seasons Record – 25-57

This Seasons Record – 27-55

The only way to go is up right? Seems like the Magic have been trying to go up ever since their finals appearance a decade ago. Really doesn’t seem like that long ago, but ever since that finals appearance, not many things have gone right for the Orlando Magic. In fact, almost everything that has come after it has been a complete disaster. Hopefully things can finally turn around.

Key Additions and Subtractions

Players tend to come and go with this franchise, because a lot of guys want to win and there hasn’t been a whole lot of winning going on in Orlando in the last few years. They lost some players, who I think needed a culture change and a serious change of scenery. Elfrid Payton, Bismack Biyombo and Mario Henzonja all parted ways with the team. I don’t think people will even notice that Mario is gone, boy was that a terrible draft pick. For the last few seasons Orlando has struggled to find its identity and to have the right mix of players. They drafted Mo Bamba and signed Timothy Mozgov and that’s all they really added. Obviously this team has high hopes for Bamba, but it appears it could be another long season for players and fans.

Year Long Question – Who is the guy?In order for a team and a franchise to grow, it needs to figure out the direction in which they want to go. Recently drafted Mo Bamba could be a key piece in that process. We all know Aaron Gordon took a nice step last season and looks to build on that this year. Are the Magic going ahead and giving him the keys to the kingdom? Do they want the franchise to centre around Gordon? Do they want it to centre around Bamba? I think it’s best to let Gordon to progress this year and hope he takes an even bigger leap. Maybe a bigger leap that is expected. He came out the gate so hot last year and he could have been in the running for MIP. I’m just curious to know where this team wants to go and how they plan on going about it. They need to tank one more year and get a top three pick for next years draft, if I’m being honest.

Fan Mindset


I’m kind of going dark here, but yes I’m comparing the Magic to Garbage Island. The place where everyone’s trash floats out too. A magical and mysterious place that can only be fixed with the right amount of man power. Players come and go, they don’t stay very long, and sometimes it feels like everyone else’s trash somehow manages to drift away…..to Orlando. It’s a big problem the world faces let’s be serious for a second, but all problems can go away. We just need to stop neglecting their needs and find the proper solution. I don’t think the Magic have had a concrete game plan set since Dwight Howard left. That was a massive hole and void to fill, but you can live in the past. You can’t dwell on the good times you used to have, you need to move forward and address the problem in front of you. The Magic need to figure out just what kind of team they really want to be and they need to find out the best way to go about doing so is. Hopefully drafting Mo Bamba is the first step in the right direction, not another step backwards.

Bold Predictions, Sponsored By Nate -Aaron Gordon becomes an All-Star

That’s right! The Magic are going to have an All-Star this season. I believe that Aaron Gordon is going to have a fantastic year and despite not having a great overall record, coaches will vote him in. If he stays healthy and plays like I know he can, there’s no way he won’t represent the Magic at All-Star Weekend. It would be nice for them to have someone in the game, because it’s been a while since they have had one. I hope it does happen because it could be the only bright spot for this team this season. Well that, and draft lottery night!

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