‘Pet Sematary’ Trailer

I dunno, this suppose to be scary? I’d pet that cat in a heartbeat, it’s pretty fluffy.

When it comes to adapting Steven King novels, it’s certainly a very hit or miss situation. In 2017 they broke records and scared a generation of kids with Pennywise the dancing clown in IT. Now we are not only getting the sequel later this year, but we will be getting another beloved novel, Pet Sematary.

You know when someone or something dies it’s probably best to leave it be. Didn’t this guy watch the Halloween Simpsons special? Does he not understand what he’s doing by bringing back his dead daughter? So the premise of the movie is pretty simple, spooky ass hick town, spooky pet sematary, which leads to a father bringing back his dead daughter when she appears to get hit by a 18 wheeler?

I love Jason Clarke, the lead here, but I just wasn’t sold on this trailer at all. I remember the originals being pretty gross when I was a kid and creeping the hell out of me. But now I’m a grown ass man and this seems to rely heavily on jump scares and my guess, grotesque horror. Not really my cup of tea, and I just don’t like the premise at all.

Kids in masks is such an overdone horror movie trope that it’s just washed up. The whole trailer is kids in masks and I just think it’s so outplayed that I couldn’t stand the look of it to be honest. I’m going to see it, because with the success that was IT, I wanna believe they will knock this out of the park as well, but something just didn’t click for me.

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