‘Child’s Play’ Trailer

Never been a fan of this doll

Hollywood is truly out of horror ideas eh? Back to back trailers involving a property already cemented in the horror genre culture. Out of all the things you can bring back, you’re bringing back a killer doll? Take away the fact that some how they managed to rope Brian Tyree Henry, coming off just an incredible 2018, and Aubrey Plaza. Maybe the script is great, maybe this could actually turn out great. But I’m sorry, not in a million years would I allow myself to be killed by a doll no bigger than my left leg.

That’s always been the issue with Chucky for me, it’s just not scary. Yeah, as a kid, it’s terrifying, but now it’s just hilarious. A grown ass man, getting killed by something so small, it’s kind of a joke. I know that’s the whole premise of the movie, but it’s 2019 now, you know they will he putting some sort of modern twist on it, like he’s chalked full of apps or something.

This is just a small taste and we don’t even get a good look at the title character himself. I’m intrigued a little bit, I’ll obviously see it in theatres, but I don’t know, I can’t get behind a doll. You know this is just setting up for future sequels and possibly a larger universe. I can’t take this serious, I’m sorry.

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