New ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Trailer Hit!

Spider-Man doing a lot of Spider-Man things! Also massive Endgame spoilers, so beware!

Is Marvel the new Pixar? Always pulling on our heartstrings. I can’t sit there and see Peter cry, over the death of his BFF. That’s right folks, Tony Stark took one for the team and Peter is safe to say a little shaken up by it. Who wouldn’t be? Tony acted as his mentor and a father figure in his life, things that Peter desperately needed. Now he’s gone and Peter doesn’t quite know who to turn to for guidance. One thing he does know, he just wants to go on a regular summer vacation and do regular vacation things with his friends.

The vacation is short lived when Nick Fury hunts him down to discuss a mission. This is where we are introduced to Quintin Beck aka Mysterio. Played by Jake Gyllenhaal, who is a terrific addition to the MCU. This is where we get a bomb dropped on us, and he’s from the “multi-verse.” Which is HUGE news, because it’s going to lead to so many possibilities and new doors opening within the MCU. It’s also their secret back door plan in case they ever want to give Chris Evans or Robert Downey Jr a boat load of money to return to the MCU. I pray that Marvel decides to put a new spin on Mysterio and makes him somewhat of an anti-hero.

We know he’s the master of illusions and I would hate for that to be the twist, knowing full well that, well to quote Quicksilver, “you didn’t see that coming?”

Peter needs a new mentor and having Jake Gyllenhaal fill that void would just be incredible and then teasing us with the fact he could become the new Ironman, or Iron Spider is pretty damn cool. This movie looks great and a fantastic way to end Phase 3 of the MCU. One thing Peter needs to work on, his secret identity skills. Everyone and their dog knows he’s Spider-Man at this point.

Hits theatres July 2nd!

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