New ‘Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker’ Trailer

You know what’s better than one lightsaber – two lightsabers.

So this movie is going to be off the chain. Say what you want about the last outing, which was awesome. The finale to one of the greatest stories ever told is about to go down. It’s been a hectic summer, full of forgettable summer blockbusters, but just when you think all hope is lost, Disney drops the final trailer for their ace up their sleeve.

The trailer doesn’t even show much, again it’s just a little voice over work, nothing really about the plot is mentioned and we are only getting small fragments and quick shots from throughout the movie. That’s all they need to do to market this bad boy. That ending alone is worth the price of admission. Now for the next 4 months the world can speculate whether or not Rey will turn to the dark side. Either way it doesn’t really matter because she looks so badass. Between that and the water battle between her and Kylo make this all worth while.

We really don’t need to see anything else until this drops. Carrie Fisher finishing enough work to be apart of this finale is touching and it’s heart warming that was the case. It just wouldn’t have had that emotional weight behind it if she wants apart of it.

The countdown is officially on until another Disney property destroys the box-office.

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