New ‘Joker’ Trailer

I guess it’s time we start taking this movie very seriously. This is Taxi Driver meets well The Joker

Who knew the guy behind Road Trip and The Hangover trilogy would deliver perhaps one of the best movies of 2019. This looks like an early Martin Scorsese film, and it all just looks so glorious. When you think about a comic book movie, you think big and eventful. One of the main attractions of this film is how authentic and real everything feels. There are no green screens, no special effects, they hit the streets of New York and truly made something beautiful.

Joaquin Phoenix really is going for it all. Between him, Pitt and Leo we might have a serious 3 man race for best performance come Oscar season. Just three individuals at the top of their respected game, giving us some memorable performances. Phoenix transformed not just his mind for this role but his body. It’s eerie how skinny he looks in some of these shots and how healthy he looks in others.

Joker appears to perhaps be a revenge flick, with Joker going after a man he idolized in Murray Franklin (Robert DeNiro). This could have serious Dark Knight Returns vibes where the Joker goes on a talk show only to wreck havoc and cause utter chaos. Time well tell, but one thing is certain, we have a new Clown Prince of Crime on our hands, it he is to die for.

Joker hits theatres in October!

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