‘Uncut Gems’ Trailer

So we get good Adam Sandler and Kevin Garnett? I’m all in.

Never ever sleep on Adam Sandler. This is the reason, because he will make you look stupid. The guy likes making movies for his kids now, but can also turn out something that looks this good. Circling around film festivals already, Uncut Gems is apparently really great and the best Sandler performance in quite some time.

This really is a great trailer. It’s so weird to see Sandler in a role like this, because we have grown so accustomed to his Netflix movies and not taking him to seriously. Coming from the minds of the Safdie brothers, who did Good Time with soon to be Batman Robert Pattinson (check it out) appear to have another gem on their hands. This movie is also loaded with a talent and diverse cast. The whole internet was going crazy with this trailer yesterday. Can’t wait!

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