‘Birds of Prey’ Trailer

It’s the return of Harley Freakin Quinn.

So after a slight tease in front of IT: Chapter 2, Birds of Prey finally gets itself a full length trailer, and it’s just okay…

Obviously front and center is the star of the show, Harley Quinn, her name is in the title of the movie, so what do you expect? The trailer has a lot going for it, from its stylish and colourful cinematography, really creating quite the atmosphere for our birds. Paired with the well executed action set-pieces, the trailer flows pretty nicely. We even get to see Harley and her hyenas in live-action, probably the highlight of the entire trailer.

Here’s the big concern. If you are a casual fan and know very little about any of these characters, this trailer I feel will leaving you scratching your head. Yes, it’s a teaser, but you need to gain some momentum from each new trailer you release. There wasn’t even a name drop for any of the other birds in the trailer and not even trying to introduce them in the slightest. I know you want to focus on Harley Quinn, but in order for people to fully grasp what this movie is about, just felt like they should have done a better job in that aspect. Same with Black mask who’s being played by Ewan McGregor, he’s in it a ton, but no mention of his name or really what he’s even all about. They did at least foreshadow what will be happening to him in the film, but I’m just worried about the causal fan, not understanding who any of these people are.

It looks like a ton of fun, Margot Robbie really was destined to play this role, and there’s even a slight Joker tease in the trailer, so expect Jared Leto to reprise his role as the Clown Prince of Crime. I expect WB to go heavy on the marketing for this one, because it truly appears to be special.

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