‘No Time To Die’ Trailer Is Here!

Daniel Craig returns for the final time in the conclusion to the greatest stretch of Bond films the world has ever seen.

It’s really going to be sad when the title of James Bond no longer applies to Daniel Craig. Without doubt the best to ever wear that suit and has starred in the most action-packed, and overall best Bond movies ever. Fresh off the heels of Spectre, he’s suiting up one last time and going toe-to-toe with none other than Oscar winner himself, Rami Malek.

Bond just wants to finally live the retired life. Off active duty he is thrust back into the limelight when a mysterious villain with some extremely dangerous technology comes knocking at his door. Stepping away from the camera is Sam Mendes but insert Cary Fukunaga and this could be something really eerie and special. Known for his horror, this Bond could end up being kind of scary or at least more bizarre than previous films.

Toss in Ana de Armas who just starred with Craig in Knives Out and Latasha Lynch as the newest 007 agent, this looks so promising. Even if the trailer wasn’t that well put together, there are too many impressive pieces at play here not to have this high on the most anticipated list for 2020. It’s Daniel Craig’s swan song, get excited!

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