New ‘Black Widow’ Trailer

We journey through Black Widows past, present, and future in the newest trailer.

Marvel's Black Widow movie postponed due to coronavirus - CNET

The world has been chomping at the bit for the next MCU movie. It’s been almost 2 years since Spider-Man Far From Home released and everyone wants some Black Widow action. The latest MCU shows have been filling the void for the most part but everyone wants just a little bit more. Enter the Black Widow. We all know how this all plays out, but filling in some gaps of her story is something fans have wanted for almost a decade. We might finally find out exactly what happened in Budapest!

Learning more about Romanoff’s life and most importantly her family will be the backbone of this story. Does her little sister played by Florence Pugh take up the mantle in present-day at the end of this? Only time will tell. The trailer is more of the same, great looks at everyone involved, especially Task-Master the film’s villain. The Jack of all trades apparently, displaying skills from a ton of Natasha’s teammates. He’s unique and could be a worthy foe for the Romanoff family.

It’s been pushed back and delayed more than we can count but it finally looks like Black Widow is locked into place and we will all be enjoying it soon enough!

Movies are back!

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