New ‘The Suicide Squad’ Trailer Drops

Bring on the misfits for James Gunn’s new Suicide Squad trailer. Everyone is having a ball and it looks like we have a real winner on our hands!

The Suicide Squad: Official Plot for James Gunn's DC Movie Is Here

Don’t mess with Bloodshot because he’s putting Superman in the ICU apparently. It would have been cool to see happen on screen, but nonetheless, stakes are extremely high for the squad this time around, as they will be battling the intergalactic Starro!

The trailer is more of the same, but we really get a sense of why Bloodshot will be joining the ranks of Amanda Waller’s team and that like most men, he wants to protect his family at all costs. I love the addition of Idris Elba to the squad, but obviously, Will Smith and his Deadshot will be missed dearly, but if you’re going to replace him, you can’t do much better than Mr. Elba himself.

This looks action-packed, with a ton of jokes to be had, which won’t be for everyone, but if the jokes work and they don’t seem out of place, they will just add to the experience of the movie. Look at the cast of characters we have going for us, it’s clear that jokes will be made and it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

No one seems safe, but it appears that a few new standouts will make it to the end of the film, Polkadotman, Ratcatcher, and Peacemaker are the clear favorites if we are talking human characters. Give us 3 solo movies of King Shark please, he’s adorable and I won’t be shocked if he ends up stealing the entire movie.

Can’t be a Suicide Squad without a little Harley Quinn and once again, Margot Robbie was actually made for this role and it’s just fantastic that we are seeing her in action again. Her character really works so well with others and especially other misfits such as herself. Love her dynamic with everyone else on the team and the trailer does such a great job at teasing all of the epicness that will come with the real movie.

The Suicide Squad looks to be like a major hit. Drops August 6th!

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