New ‘Dune’ Trailer Rocks

Feast your eyes on the world of Arrakis and all of its beauty. Dune truly will be one of a kind.

Dune Official Trailer - YouTube

The world has been waiting for more footage of Dennis Villeneuve’s Dune, and this morning is finally that day. What a gorgeous and stunning trailer that was just delivered. Based on Frank Herbert’s best-selling novel, we are transported to a land where spices rule all and no one can be trusted.

Fresh off Blade Runner 2049, which is arguably one of the most beautiful movies ever made. Somehow, Dennis has upped his game for Dune. Each shot is rich in texture and color, making the landscape of Arrakis looking hauntingly beautiful. In the world of Dune, you can only trust a select few because the others are trying to kill you. Protect those closest to you, and fight those who are not.

We get a great sense of the scale of this movie, with giant landscapes, armies, and vast battlefields. The trailer does a fantastic job at showcasing the diverse cast, each playing an important role within the universe. Duncan Idaho (Jason Momoa) is on full display here as Paul’s (Timothee Chalamet) trusty sidekick who will stop at nothing to ensure he remains safe. The cast is brilliant and stacked so deep, that you wonder just how something like this could be assembled.

This isn’t going to be some flashy new movie universe. Dune is a slog, that isn’t filled with lightsaber fights, or talking creatures, it’s about humanity and finding peace within yourself and others. Its barren landscape can be just as beautiful as anything we have ever seen in a science fiction movie. That’s what makes Dune so potentially special, is just how different it will be from any other massive scale movie, its depressing nature and stature. Everyone is very stoic and poised and it works in its favor. It’s a movie that takes itself very seriously.

Dune needs to hurry up and get here, and a movie like this is why IMAX screens exist.


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