Super Bowl Movie Trailers

I’m getting to the point where the best part of today is the movie trailers.

First up, The Flash.

The Flash.

A movie that has been in development hell, switched directors an insane amount of times and even the star of the movie has been in hot water. Finally has itself a trailer, and The Flash finally seems real. Keaton, Affleck and who knows who else is showing up as Batman, but we got two of them in this trailer, and to hear Keaton say that iconic line “I’m Batman,” goosebumps every time. With everything that has gone on with DC movies over the last 5 years, this is so important for them. This is resetting everything and everyone (for the most part) and a lot is riding on the success of this thing. Now, that was a terrific first trailer and playing during the biggest television watching day of the year is a great kick start to the marketing campaign. Time will tell if The Flash will be a success and who knows where the future of the DC universe will stand come June, it changes so much, but from this trailer alone, it looks like The Flash is going to be a fantastic and fun movie going experience.

All hail the speed-force.

Guardians of The Galaxy: Vol 3 

The swan song for the Guardians is here. James Gunn and his final outing with the MCU is upon us and say what you want, he took a bunch of heroes no one cared about and made one hell of a trilogy. It looks like this could be the end for a few of the team as well. Dave Batista has talked about how he is parting ways with the MCU and I wouldn’t be shocked if Bradley Cooper (Rocket Racoon) also follows suit. The clock is ticking for a lot of the original members of the MCU, you can’t do this stuff forever, and it’s weird seeing the dynamic shift, because they have been a part of our lives for about a decade now.

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