New ‘IT: Chapter 2’ Trailer

Bigger budget. Bigger stars. Bigger body count. Pennywise is back.

I can’t remember a franchise that has had this many incredible trailers for their movies. That’s 4 in a row dating back to IT: Chapter 1. This is one beautiful trailer, with some many visuals and imagery that will surely haunt your dreams.

It’s been 27 years and Pennywise is hungry. Bill Skarsgard is elevating his performance, we get a ton of new Pennywise footage in this trailer and he is on the hunt. What a re-imaging he has done with this iconic horror movie villain and turned it not only into something pretty iconic, but the level of acting he’s doing is worth noting.

I’m so happy they really put Isaiah Mustafa and his portrayal of adult Mike on display in this trailer. He’s such an important and vital role in the second half of this creepy story. Mike didn’t really get his due in Chapter 1 and it appears they are making up for that here. All the adult losers are involved in some sort of way, and the casting is just so perfect. Bill Hader looks like he’s going to be phenomenal as adult Richie. It’s so refreshing to see him in something like his after showcasing his terrific acting in his TV show Barry. But at the end of the day the trailer belongs to Pennywise and it looks like not only is the kill count going to sky-rocket but the amount of blood as well.

September 6th can’t get here fast enough!

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