‘Zombieland 2: Double Tap’ Trailer

As a huge fan of the first, I’m actually so excited to see Woody kill so many zombies. We better see Bill Murray again.

Seriously. It’s been 10 years (I wrote that with the voice of the old woman on the Titanic voice) since we last saw everyones favourite zombie killing family. Seeing how this movie is coming out in October and they are just starting the marketing now has me a tad bit worried. With the success of the first and in the last ten years, it’s not like Emma Stone went on to win Oscars and Jesse Eisenberg became a massive household name. One would think they would seriously get ahead of this thing and market the shit out of this movie.

The comedic spin on the zombie apocalypse was a nice touch and the chemistry between the 4 main stars was palpable. Now we are tossing in Luke Wilson, Rosario Dawson, Dan Aykroyd, Zoey Deutch and Thomas Middleditch who are appearing as pseudo doppelgängers for the original 4 cast members. Will they be bad? Or will they add to this already fantastic family dynamic. I just know that the first left me wanting more and all we had to do was wait ten years.

The trailer is actually very well done, plays again to the humour aspect of the film, but showcases a ton of zombie killing. Can’t wait.

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