Dallas Mavericks Team Preview

Last Seasons Record – 24-58 (13th)

This Seasons Record – 42-40


I would be smiling too if I were Luka Doncic. What else could you want, then be groomed by arguably the greatest foreign player ever? This is going to be one of the best league pass teams this year and I’m really looking forward too watching this squad. It’s a few years later but they finally got DeAndre Jordan, and who knows how many more years Dirk is going to play, but don’t be shocked if the Mavs sneak into the 8th seed. It’s been one preseason game, but everyone is already ready to get down on one knee and ask Doncic to marry them, this kid is going to be special.

Key Additions and Subtractions 

Well, the Mavericks had one of the best off-seasons in my opinion. They built for the now and the future. They somehow managed to get the best player in the draft with Luka Doncic. They added big man DeAndre Jordan and brother of the Greek Freak, Kostas Antetokoumpo. Who knows how Kostas will pan out, but it’s worth the risk. They didn’t lose anything vital to their team and they get another year of Dennis Smith Jr, and Harrison Barnes. I’m telling you, they are well-coached, this could be a really sneaky good team.

Year Long Question – Is this Dirk’s last year?

This is the year of D-Wade. Wade has decided that this will be his final year in the NBA, so here comes the Wade farewell tour. Now Dirk has said no such thing, because well he might be immortal and could play forever. Dirk has such class that even if this were to be his final year, he wouldn’t say anything because he doesn’t want to take anything away from Wade. I don’t think it will be, I believe he will want to help groom Doncic for two whole seasons, and if he stays healthy, maybe he could push it to play 3 more. But no, I don’t think this will be his final year, because he deserves a farewell tour as great as Wade’s. I just also don’t want to picture an NBA without Disco Dirk.

Fan Mindset 

Dallas, you could have pulled off the heist of the century on draft night. So it only makes sense that the fan base will be laughing as hard as our boys in this incredible clip. Atlanta wants to pretend that they aren’t clowns, but they are. We all know that Doncic for Young will go down as an all-time trade. Dallas fans will just be laughing hysterically all the way to the bank. Remember we all know what happens to Joe Pesci at the end of Goodfellas, you get whacked for making stupid moves, and well he’s the Atlanta Hawks in this situation.

Bold Predictions, Sponsored By Nate – The Mavericks will make the playoffs. 

Maybe not so bold, but these guys won 24 games last season and finished 13th in the Western Conference. But I really do believe that Doncic will be a once in a generation talent. Dennis Smith Jr showed serious flashes last year and I think this team is going to be a lot of fun and have a lot of fun. Maybe I’m being overzealous here, but some of those West teams are going to slide down the totem pole of the standings. If you have NBA league pass these guys will be on the must-watch list, I can’t wait to see what Doncic has up his sleeve. There could be a new lob-city in the NBA.

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